HP in Palestine:
Servicing Israeli Occupation and Apartheid

HP is the second largest investor in Israeli Information Technology(IT). Its technology and equipment facilitate both the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid, especially through the development of its biometric system used for population and territorial control and surveillance of Palestinians both inside Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Herding Palestinian men

The Checkpoints – HP's Basel system is installed at the Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank which deprive Palestinians of freedom of movement in violation of international law.

The Israeli Military – HP provided the IT infrastructure for the Israeli Navy, thereby helping to enforce the blockade of Gaza, and supplies the computer systems for the Ministry of Defense.

The settlements - HP employs settlers in Beithar Illit and provides services and technologies to two of the largest in the occupied West Bank (Modi'in Illit and Ariel).

woman & son at turnstile exit

Biomeric ID cards - occupied territories - HP facilitates Israeli control of the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank with its biometric identification of Palestinian civilians. The ID numbers for these Green cards that bear the PNA insignia are assigned by Israel, which controls the Palestinian population registry.

Biometric ID cards – citizens of Israel - HP facilitates Israeli apartheid with the development of its biometric system that differentiates between Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, among other ethnicities and religions. In other words, "this system takes to a new level of technology the stratification of citizenship rights."

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