Who We Are

The HP Boycott Campaign is a southern California coalition of activists and groups who stand in solidarity with the just struggle to free Palestine; who combat the prison-industrial complex - the overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and political problems; and who support the human rights of immigrants and refugees in the US.

We call on individuals and organizations to boycott the products of Hewlett-Packard, a corporation complicit with Israel's violations of universal human rights and international law and with its system of apartheid and settler colonialism.

At the same time, we are concerned with the wider implications of HP's specialization in technologies to identify, monitor and control populations. HP's population control systems not only support Israel's separation policies but also support US prisons and immigration detention centers. In other words, these products are designed to limit human and civil rights, and threaten all of us.

The coalition's endorsing organizations are listed below, where an asterisk (*) indicates membership in the Working Group of the coalition.