Letter to HP Executives

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HP Corporate Headquarters via U.S. mail

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Meg Whitman, President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Dion Weisler, President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Inc.
HP Corporate Headquarters
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA

Dear Ms. Whitman and Mr. Weisler:

I am writing to urge HP to transform its business model, which focuses on technologies to monitor and control populations, selling such hardware and software to prison administrations, border and immigration enforcement agencies, and military forces.

I believe these products are designed to limit human and civil rights, and as such, they threaten all of us.

Until HP replaces such business practices with ones more conducive to positive human development, I pledge not to purchase HP products or services; further, I pledge to urge other individuals and institutions to refrain from purchasing HP products and services.

Here are a few examples of HP's complicity in the violation of human rights that concern me:

  • In Palestine/Israel, HP is involved in several contracts that directly violate international law and violate Palestinians' human rights. Specifically, HP developed and maintains the Basel System, which is used at the checkpoints inside occupied territory to restrict and control Palestinian freedom of movement—in their own land.

  • In other contracts with the Israeli government, military and settlements, HP is aiding and abetting systems of segregation. HP manufactures biometric ID cards for citizens and residents of Israel, including Palestinian citizens of Israel and for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. These ID cards serve to reinforce social stratification and enable violations of Palestinian human rights.

  • In the U.S., HP has worked with ICE on speeding up the deportation process. HP also provides basic training in forensic computing to ICE/DHS and other federal agencies.

  • In California, HP has extensive contracts with the state prison system, CDCR, to digitize prisoner, visitor and parolee records, including the tracking of prison visitors and monitoring prisoners throughout their "life with the CDCR."

  • HP further arranges for "risk assessment" of prisoners that can result in long-time solitary confinement or isolation, which is considered torture by international human rights organizations.

  • HP also seeks and maintains contracts with private incarceration companies that have been even less observant of prisoners' human rights than the public systems.

  • HP products have been used in surveillance systems to monitor political dissidents in many countries.

The mere paper separation of the assets and operations of your consumer products division will not satisfy these concerns or demands.

I urge HP to end all the above-mentioned contracts immediately. Until you do, I will boycott all HP products and services, and will urge others to do the same.

With great concern,