Why Target HP?

HP is among the top military providers in the world, specializing in technologies to control and monitor large populations, selling them to prison authorities, immigration police and military regimes. These products are designed to limit human rights and civil rights, and they are a threat to all of us.

  • HP's Basel system installed at Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank facilitates the restriction of movement and control of the occupied population, a violation of international law.

  • HP's new biometric identification system developed for the Israeli government differentiates among the citizens of Israel, taking technology to a new level in the stratification of citizenship rights

  • HP supplies the Israeli military with its computer systems and provided the technology infrastructure for the Israeli navy, which was responsible for the 2010 raid on the freedom flotilla that resulted in the death of nine activists.

  • HP provides services to several Israeli West Bank settlements, all of which are illegal under international law.

  • HP works with the California Department of Corrections on data systems used to monitor and control prisoners and with ICE to speed up deportation processing.

  • HP sells surveillance equipment to governments who use it to monitor their populations.

[For details on HP's activities in Palestine and the US, please click on "HP in Palestine" or "HP in the USA" in the topmost menu.]

Social justice groups around the world have been trying for years to discuss these issues with HP, but have failed to get their attention.

Two decades ago, the international boycott of firms that supported the apartheid South African regime played an important role in overturning that racist regime. It's time to do it aqain.